Sponsor a puppy

By sponsoring a puppy you will be playing a vital role in their journey from a 10 week old fluffy adorable puppy to a fully trained obedient Service dog changing the life of a child living with Autism.

At My Canine Companion we know times are hard on all of us so we are simply asking you to donate the price of one cup of coffee a month!! Yes you read it correctly – one cup of coffee! That’s €3 a month.

All you have to do is download the Standing Order form and fill in all your details. We are asking for only €3 a month but feel free to donate more if you wish. Once the form is completed present it to your bank and they will do the rest.

My Canine Companion receives no Government funding and relies solely on donations such as this to enable us to continue to change the lives of children and families living with Autism through the provision of these highly trained and skilled Service Dogs.