Puppy Raising

What is puppy raising?

Puppy raising is where an individual or family agree to take a pup into their home and raise it for a period of time in accordance with My Canine Companion guidelines and under the supervision of our training staff.

We need puppy raising volunteers

Our puppy raising programme is the first of its kind in Ireland. The programme presents a unique opportunity for volunteers to assist in creating a meaningful change in the life of a child living with Autism and his/her family. My Canine Companion requires volunteers who are committed to the aims of the programme and to raising a puppy in their home for a defined period of time. Our puppy raisers are a vital component in our Assistance dog programme. The work undertaken by our puppy raisers lays the foundation for a stable, dependable and trustworthy Assistance dog for a child and his or her family.

Growing puppies

Puppy raisers ensure that Assistance Puppies are well socialised in a whole range of settings, these include the local Shopping Centre, Public Transport, Restaurants, Church’s and other public buildings and places. By exposing the puppy to these experiences the Puppy Raiser is preparing the puppy for its future role as an Assistance Dog. Puppy training classes are held once a month and some area’s will have socialization classes on a regular basis where the puppies are consistently evaluated. Our training staff is always available to answer any questions that a Puppy Raiser might have.

Do you have what it takes?

If you think you have what it takes to be a puppy raiser then please contact us at  info@mycaninecompanion.ie and request a fostering form.

Once we receive the completed form one of our administration staff will be in contact with you. Join our Puppy raising program and play an important role in an amazing journey which ends in the provision of a highly trained and skilled Service Dog.