Theft from our headquarters

          A word from Head of Training Cliona O’Rourke about the recent theft from our charity’s headquarters.

          Hi Everyone,
          I am very upset to have to write this, but wanted to Inform you all about a theft which occurred from our charity’s headquarters in Sunbeam commons Road, where a large dog run was taken.
          We know that the dog run was taken apart on Thursday night last at sometime. The sensor light above our door was also damaged beyond repair.
          The culprits then came back between 1PM and 4PM on Friday to collect the dog run they had taken apart the previous night.
          We are thankful that staff were not there at the time and nobody was hurt.We have reported the incident to Watercourse Garda Station who have been very helpful and an investigation is underway.
          This incident has left myself and our staff upset. It is very obvious that we are a charity, and we have a large sign above the unit door saying My Canine Companion autism service dogs, so these people would have known who they were stealing from.
          We estimate the loss to the charity to be around €600.
          We have our next intake of 12 dogs coming back to our headquarters from their homes around the country on Wednesday, for their final training to qualify as autism service dogs in December, and we want to ask our good neighbours and people in the Blackpool area to be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious, or indeed any information on this incident to gardai at Watercourse Road
          Thank you
          Cliona O’Rourke
          Director of Training