River Island Card Players present cheque to MyCC

          A huge thank you to All the River Island Card players and to the Maine Valley Post for the article.

          River Island Card Players Present Pre-Covid Accumulated Charity Funds

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          “The group of Sunday night card players based at the River Island Hotel in Castleisland for the past decade or so had to call a halt to their shuffling, dealing and fundraising last March.

          Like the rest of the country, at the time, their march was halted by the Covid-19 virus.

          Because their gatherings are, necessarily, indoors they won’t be resuming any time soon – as their spokesman, John O’Connell said this weekend.

          “Since our card game will not return any time soon we have decided to distribute the money we had accumulated up to the time we had to call a halt.

          “We presented Neilus Lyons with a cheque for €1,000 and he accepted on behalf of My Canine Companion,” said Mr. O’Connell.”

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