Pep has started school!

          MyCC puppy in training Pep has started school! :)   Pep will be working and helping so many children within the school with cuddles,smiles and laughs when they need it the most!

          Here’s what her handler Declan has shared with us:

          “I am a school counsellor, and this year so many kids have increased levels of anxiety due to the long absence of school with covid.

          I’m proud that our school have seen that, and taken a strong proactive measure to help kids return , bringing Pep is proving to be amazing.

          She can do things that humans cannot , she can make the kids want to come to school just to see her. I think it’s a powerful experience to be part of , to witness and to help make happen.

          The kids are heroes, and Pep is becoming a big positive part of their world. To be her minder is such an honor.”

          We cannot wait to see Pep grow and support so many people in school!”