When Paulie met Paulie!

          Well that didn’t take long…but we knew it wouldn’t..who could resist puppy cuddles!

          Paul Stenson from White Moose Cafe took time out today to meet up with our very own Paulie, here’s what he had to say..

          “When Paulie met Paulie ❤️

          What an absolute honour it is to have one of these very special doggies named after me! Paulie is going to be placed with a family over the next few weeks and he will hopefully change the lives of that family and, in particular, the child living with autism who Paulie will become best buddies with. Folks, if you haven’t heard of My Canine Companion, please give them a follow and any support you can. They are just amazing! ❤️”

          Thanks so much Paul, for your continued support! It’s so very appreciated.