Happy 9th Birthday MCC!

          It’s hard to believe it, but My Canine Companion is 9 years old today!!

          It’s been an incredible 9 years with so many changes.

          What started off with 10 dogs and 10 families, has now grown to the hundreds!

          “Bringing Families Together” is the motto of My Canine Companion, and never was truer words spoken. People who were strangers are now the best of friends, with families meeting up to make and share so many memories together.

          We’ve put together a small video of some memories over the last 9 years, so many pictures to choose from, it could have been an hour long!! :P

          From all of us here at My Canine Companion HQ hears to another 9 (at least ;) ) years of making a difference and “Bringing Families Together”