Fantastic Fundraiser!

          F U N D R A I S E R – Ellen O’Keefe

          “This has been a completely crazy year for everybody! Nothing about it has been easy. We’ve all had to make changes and sacrifices including the many charities around the country. 2020 has probably been the hardest year many charities have ever faced because their usual fundraising efforts all had to stop.

          In order for them to continue to do their fabulous work I decided to try put together something to help raise funds for My Canine Companion, autism service dogs.

          Those of you who don’t know, My Canine Companion provide service dogs to children and young people with Autism. These dogs provide security, reassurance and companionship to those kids and are probably being relied upon more than ever these past few months. It costs €10,000 to train one assistance dog and My Canine Companion do this with zero government funding – meaning, in order for them to continue to help families across the country they rely solely on the fundraising efforts of others.

          I’m aware that people follow me for varying reasons – cleaning, parenting, autism, etc – so I tried to think of prizes that would suit everybody. So here is what I came up with…

          TWO 32 GB iPads

           Amazon Kindle

           €50 Smyths voucher

           €50 Penney’s voucher

           €50 Netflix voucher

           €50 One4All voucher

           €50 Circle K voucher

           €30 Discovery Playtime voucher

           €30 Lil and Izzy voucher

           €25 Mr Price voucher

           €25 Mermaids and Dragons voucher

           €25 Jackanory voucher

           €25 Tesco voucher

           €25 Just Eat voucher

           €25 Little Wax Co voucher

          It is €5 per entry and the more you donate the more entries you get. (€10 – 2, €15 – 3, etc.) I wanted to try and keep this accessible to everybody, again because I know times are tough. Starting Monday November 2nd I will be giving away a prize every second day at 8 pm. Donations made up until 6 pm that day will be included in the draw!

          I would love it if you could share this with your friends. It will all be run through the details left on I Donate so even friends and family who don’t have social media can enter. (You will only be contacted via i Donate details NOT social media)

          Thank you in advance. And good luck”