A Dog for Joe Joe

          Imagine your sitting at your desk and getting along with your day to day living, paying the mortgage. Normal stuff! Your little child with a Severe Intellectual disability is sitting at home in your window. He looks at the world as it goes by. Your partner, be it your husband wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is doing the daily house chores close by. Your child is looking at the other and boys his age play various games, especially now as the evenings are long. You know your child who has so much energy would love to be out there. Just then one of the children playing catches your child sitting in the window. The child waves at your boy but your boy does not wave back. The child in the field wonders why! Just then in the distance one of the kids walks over to the boy and communicates to him. You imagine they must have told him about your boy being special because he seems to be accepting of the fact now that your child has not waved.

          Inside you wish your child did wave at the boy. You wish your child was out there playing, tumbling, falling, destroying the new jeans you just bought or kicking the new runner to pieces that you just paid heavy for. But you know it’s just a bridge to far or a wall too high whatever acronym you choose to use you know its just never going to happen.

          You now look back at your child and wonder. Wonder what is going through his mind. Is he lonely? Is he happy? Does he understand what loneliness is or happiness means? So many emotions run through your mind so quickly it can overcome you some days.

          This is a brief history of our time.

          So many people with kids or siblings in our situation including my son benefit greatly by the introduction of an Autism Assistance dog. The dog is a companion to the child but the dog is also blessed with many other gifts. The dog can be trained to detect seizures which my child suffers from and when I am out with my child he can be tethered to the dog to prevent him running away. The dog is essentially designed to be part of my boys life.

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