Coronavirus (Covid-19) and My Canine Companion

          With fundraising grinding to a halt,many organisations are making staff redundant. We refuse to take this route. We have taken the decision to stand by our staff and our clients and overcome this difficult time.

          On Monday, we held an outdoor staff meeting.
          to discuss how Covid-19, will impact our training, and our staff.

          After discussions with our staff, it has been decided that all My Canine Companion training staff members will continue to work and we are determined to keep our promise to so many families all over the country, to train Autism Service dogs and continue to make the life changing difference to our clients.

          Our staff will be working independently, taking into account social distancing, and environmentally appropriate choices, to ensure that the charity will keep functioning, while keeping everyone safe.

          Our trainers have taken their training dogs into their homes, to ensure they will have one point of contact while in training. This is to ensure they can keep themselves safe, to be able to keep their commitment to families.
          This will not be easy, especially with the current financial constraints.

          We hope that everyone is following government instructions and keeping themselves safe at this time, and we know that we will all get through this together.