Max and Jangle-Video

          People will often ask us when talking about fostering puppies or boarding our training dogs, “I could never give the puppy back”, and we understand this fully :) But when we see video’s like this and have parents come to us and tell us that their non verbal child said “walk” or “dog” for the first time, this is how we can give back the puppy after months of training and socialization, we love the puppies,the cuddles, the laughs, but we love this to see this a whole lot more.

          So many families are currently waiting for these amazing dogs to join their family, if you can, please donate, start a fundraiser,or if you have friends in the corporate world who would be interested in partnering with us, please contact us and help us bring more of these amazing dogs to so many more deserving children and families.

          Now…on to the video, Please meet Jangle and Max, Jangle was one of our dogs who qualified during the madness of Covid 19 and here is a few words from Tanya, Max’s Mum.

          “Today Max went to jumpzone which max loves but its always a struggle to get to the doors as max is really frightened of walking through the centre to get to it.

          He usually lies on the floor with fear and can take us awhile but look what he done today with Jangle by his side

          He stopped and thought about it but grabbed the handle and kept on walking.

          This was so amazing to see him so confident.

          All that matters is making him happy and his life easier for him

          Jangle and Max smashed it together “

          A huge well done to Max and Jangle, it’s fantastic to see you both and we can’t wait to see more of your adventures :)