Ola Amigos!!!

          Hey dudes.. or should I say Ola Amigos!

          So this is me – Oscar the service dog & I’m a very chilled (might I add handsome?) 3 year old Labradoodle. I live in Delgany, that’s in beautiful County Wicklow with Mum, Dad and my 2 besties, their boys, Cian and Oisin. So while living in Wicklow is great, they say the world is a big place right, so I’ve got my very own passport (you should check out my passport photo.. dude!)

          For the second year now, I spent my summer in Spain! Yep Spain.. Espania! We flew with Aerlingus (amazing airline!) from Dublin Airport. Now being a service dog can SERIOUSLY have it’s perks but can you believe that at Dublin airport they have a special bathroom for Service Dogs? Nice!! I heard the flight would be nearly 3 hours so took the opportunity to make use of the facilities.




          We were welcomed onboard and after the safety demonstration (still not quite sure where the doggie life jackets are stowed?), I tucked myself in at mum’s feet. The crew were really cool & very friendly – they asked lots of questions about my work, some took photos (nothing new to a handsome boy like me!) and they even gave me an icecube to keep cool during the flight….now that’s service!

          I was super well behaved during the flight of course and as we were leaving the plane, the pilot came out to meet me and let the boys explore the cockpit… They were stoked! Thankfully the keys weren’t in the ignition!

           Even the pilot was keen to meet me.              The boys check out the cockpit.                Cian & I – ready to fly.

           Arriving in Spain is like home from home as I’ve been there a few times, it’s hot and sunny so I don’t work as much as in Ireland but as I’m a chilled dude, I love the shade! I have a garden to run and we go for walks in the evening when it’s a little cooler! My family love their summer in Spain & I just love sharing it with them. We went shopping, out for dinner, golfing and to the local market. Lots of people look at me (did I mention I’m handsome?) and read my jacket and ask mum about my job as it seems Service Dogs are pretty rare in Spain. Mum loves telling people about me and how I help out. So it seems the Spanish people sure love dogs so I get to enjoy lots of cuddles hugs… yep, I like Spanish people! Haven’t quite got the hang of the language just yet though..

          For the last 2 weeks of my holiday, my friend Eliza arrived.. was I delighted to see her! She also lives in Delgany and works with her bestie Scott. We hung out lots & had some serious fun together at BBQs and evening walks.

          One day we went to a nearby beach to see a very special working dog. His name is Bruno and he’s a Newfoundland and he is HUGE!! No, really dude.. I mean HUGE! He’s got one coooooool job – he’s a lifeguard! Yep, a Lifeguard! He helps save people from drowning. Of course Newfoundlands are great swimmers thanks to their webbed feet and double coat. His owner David and mum spent ages talking about the amazing work of dogs and Bruno performed a rescue demonstration… OMG.. amazing!! David and the other lifeguards were amazed at my work too – I was pretty stoked. David and Bruno are now working with a rescue team in Italy to train Bruno how to jump from a helicopter to save swimmers further out from the shore.. I’m not joking, Bruno will actually jump from a helicopter, what a rush man!! Bruno is the first dog lifeguard in Spain, but next year there will be more.














          Overall we had an AWESOME summer in Spain but all good things must come to an end so it was time to head home. To be honest I was looking forward to getting home & back to cooler days in lovely Wicklow. Travelling through Alicante airport was such a great experience – I mean move over Brad & Angelina, Oscar is in town!! I was treat liked an absolute celebrity.. no queuing for us – we were fast tracked through a special security gate and generally myself & the family were just treated like royalty. Such a SUPER end to an awesome holiday.

          So now I’m back home & helping the family and boys settle back into our usual routine. You know, I just LOVE being a service dog with My Canine Companion but I was thinking.. maybe next summer I might convince Mum to take us to Italy on holiday– I wouldn’t mind trying out as a lifeguard & joining Bruno that helicopter for a ride!!