Further Information On Service Dogs

Our Service Dogs are fully trained to the highest standard over a 2 year training programme. My Canine Companion are candidates towards ADEu membership. Their training includes up to 14 months on our puppy raising or dog socialization schemes, followed by up to 6 months intensive training with our instructors.

These dogs have unlimited access to public places e.g. shops, cinema etc. There are two main purposes of a My Canine Companion Autism Service Dog. The first is the safety aspect which is vital both for the child and his family. The second however; it is the hope that the dog will become a best friend, confidant and playmate for a child who almost always has few friends outside the immediate family circle.

How it works?

The dog wears a specially designed jacket with the My Canine Companion logo on it.

The child is attached to the dog by a tether that runs from the dog’s jacket to the child’s belt.

The parent has a lead that is attached to the dog.

The child holds a handle that is on the dog’s jacket.

The dog is trained to walk ahead with the child yet respond to verbal commands given by the parent e.g. the dog will stop at any obstacle in its path including curbs.

How the dogs help: The dogs help increase safety levels and alleviate bolting behaviours by acting as an anchor when tethered to the child.

Provides independence as the child doesn’t have to hold the parents hand.

Provides greater freedom to go out in public thanks to the calming effects the dog has on the child.

Helps with transitioning which leads to reduced stress levels and a more positive experience for all.

Acts as a constant companion, offering unconditional love and friendship to the child.

Improves socialization skills.